A letter to my relocating self

On Gratitude & Belonging

Today, I want to write about gratitude and belonging. What is the connection between these two? And why am I connecting them together?

Gratitude is more than the attitude or the way to gain altitude in life.

Gratitude is a way to fly high, soar over your obstacles.

Gratitude is a shortcut , a cheat sheet to life; one that is so simple that everyone questions it and doesn’t act on it.

If all you said was thank you, it would be enough for everything.

I have a headache- Thank you.

I didn’t get the job- Thank you

I got the job- Thank you!

I have a loving family- Thank you

I am feeling alone. Thank you.

You get the idea…

The more we say Thank you, the more we accept and allow. 

We accept things as they are.

We do more than accept. We embrace things as they are.

Gratitude is a warm hug that you send out to the universe. It is hard to hug people, incidences or emotions that are difficult. But , saying the words, Thank you gives you the courage.

Aditi Patil

Now that brings me to belonging. We go through life feeling like the ugly grey duckling asking everyone we meet; Are you my family? Are you my tribe? Do I belong here?

And yet in that very act of seeking belonging outside of ourselves, we go away from gratitude. 

Being grateful for everything including ourselves is the foundation to feeling like we belong.

If I am grateful for everyone and everything that is happening to me, will the question “Do I belong” arise?

That is why gratitude and belonging go together. 

You can feel grateful to belong, but you don’t have to belong to be grateful. 

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