We design and deliver
Coaching Experiences That Empower Leaders
to achieve clarity and connection.

Our Certified Coaches Help Leaders


with their purpose and articulate their "why"


new ways to approach their career development


a clear personal and/or
professional development

Our workshop experiences are customized to align with your organizational strategies & goals.
We create and curate meaningful and engaging experiences for your leaders.




We believe in experience driven leadership.

Leaders are shaped by the experiences they gain in their personal and professional lives.

We Offer

1:1 Coaching

Customized and holistic support for your leaders.


Leadership learning experiences for your organization.

Areas of Expertise

Leadership Development

Cultural Acclimitization

Resume & Linkedin

Career Planning & Development

Story-telling for Leaders

Reslience & Well-Being

Got another topic on mind?

We will customize a learning experience for you.

   Share your ideas here or email on connect@wearepistachio.com

Why Coaching?

Coaching has a proven return on investment (ROI) – companies that used professional coaching have seen a median return on their investment of 6 times their initial investment.

Source : The Manchester Review

Article by the association of talent development on importance of coaching.

Our Coaches

    All coaches are mid-career professionals with diverse backgrounds. They use a wide range of tools and assessments including 360 reviews and Myers-Briggs.


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