Envision! Imagine! Create- My journey with Vision boards

Pistachio Founder, Aditi Patil shares her very first experience of making a vision board.

2008 was a tough year for us. My son Advay, had suffered a convulsion in Feb 2008, and was constantly falling sick. My husband was struggling with high sugar and triglyceride levels which refused to come down. We were working very hard at our corporate jobs, with little time for play or even relaxation amidst all this. We had purchased a new house and were not even able find time to redecorate our living room. Even a simple vacation would not work out due to some last-minute glitch. I was struggling to manage work, and all the health issues.
Very close to quitting my job and feeling very low I remembered a story I read many years back in Chicken soup for the soul. Called Glenna’s Goal book, it was about visualization. It was a story about a woman who was going through a tough time, and made a vision board of her goals. What happened to her after that was uncannily similar to what happened to me. 

I decided to make a list of all the things I wanted to visualize and put them on my vision board.

Aditi & Amrit’s vision for a healthy and happy family!

  • First on my list was a vacation! We hadn’t had a vacation in 2 years, and this was a big deal for us. So, I put a picture of a family enjoying on the beach.
  • My son Advay’s health was priority, so my next goal, was a fit Advay, falling ill less frequently by Dec 08’. I put a picture of a kid cartwheeling around!
  • At the center was my concern about my husband Amrit’s health. So my next wish list was to have lower sugar and triglyceride levels for him by Dec 08’
  • Then came our living room, I put a picture of a nice sofa, and said that I wanted a nice living room to hang out with lots of friends.
  • Advay’s admission in school; Getting into one of the prestigious elementary school was important. So that was next.
  • And finally, we wanted to own a luxury car which without taking a loan.

I put lots of pictures, wrote inspiring quotes and put it up on my display board. I could see it every day when I woke up, and before I went to sleep. I saw it every day, and especially at times when I felt low it really cheered me up!

What followed later astounded me! 

  • In November, we went for a weeklong vacation to Goa! It was truly our dream vacation!
  • Advay finally responded to all the medicines, and his health started improving. He truly became healthier and happier.
  • We finally found a sofa which we loved and looked great in our living room. 
  • Advay got admission in the elementary school of our choice.
  • Amrit’s sugar and triglyceride levels finally came down, with diet, and exercise.
  • We bought our car in May 2009 for Advay’s 3rdbirthday. We came across a used car in great condition and did not have to take a loan.

If this sounds like a fairy tale, or too good to be true; well for me it was. It’s the power of a simple technique called visualization which has been around for ages. What amazed me even more is that after we had purchased the sofa for our living room, I found that it was uncannily similar to the one in my vision board.

Of course, you have to work towards what you want. We spent days and hours hunting for the perfect sofa. Amrit followed a stringent diet and walked despite his busy schedule. We spent many trips taking Advay for his follow up visits to his doctor.

But the difference was that, I felt positive about things. I felt great looking at my picture goals, because they gave me a sense of the possibilities that lay ahead. 

Of course, through these months, I went through moments where I doubted if even one of these goals would come true! I remember countless moments spent staring at my picture collage thinking, What am I doing? Is any of this even going to come true? Well I have my answer now.

Since that day, we have created many such vision boards.

The happiness at ticking off your goals on your own vision board is indescribable.

So go ahead, picture your dreams today!!! Because, what you believe, and truly imagine as coming true, you shall achieve!!

Ironically, this story ended up being published in the Chicken soup for the soul- Book of miracles. What began by reading a chicken soup story, ended in the same way. The circle was complete.

While this story happened in 2008, I have continued to make many vision boards every year. Not all of them get ticked off in the timeline, but all of them eventually are achieved!

What has been your experience with Vision boards? Do you have a story to share? Comment below.

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