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5 simple tips to boost your self-esteem

Self-esteem, Self- love, Confidence! How do you feel about yourself?Do you think you are worthy of all the good things in life?Or do you feel unloved by yourself? Self Worth, Self Esteem, and Self love affect our confidence and the way we approach life. Imagine a day, when you feel frumpy, have a bad hair day, and feel

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Envision! Imagine! Create- My journey with Vision boards

Pistachio Founder, Aditi Patil shares her very first experience of making a vision board. 2008 was a tough year for us. My son Advay, had suffered a convulsion in Feb 2008, and was constantly falling sick. My husband was struggling with high sugar and triglyceride levels which refused to come down. We were working very

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A letter to my relocating self

On Gratitude & Belonging

Today, I want to write about gratitude and belonging. What is the connection between these two? And why am I connecting them together? Gratitude is more than the attitude or the way to gain altitude in life. Gratitude is a way to fly high, soar over your obstacles. Gratitude is a shortcut , a cheat

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My Relocation Journey- By Pistachio Co-founder Deepali Paul

Pistachio Co-founder, Entrepreneur and Project Management Professional Deepali Paul shares her relocation journey.  You know how people narrate the stories of their success? The ones in which they follow the spouse to a new country, land a fabulous job and lead a great life? How everything turned out exactly how they wanted it to? How

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What’s in a name? Everything….

My name is Monica Khanna and I grew up in India. For as long as I remember I’ve not been proud of the name Monica. It didn’t feel very Indian to me. In India most names have a deep meaning. I often wondered why my parents did not do enough research to find me an

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