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We are a global membership community of , for and by relocating spouses.

We are creating a world where relocating spouses are free from labels such as trailing spouse, accompanying spouse and more. That’s why we focus on empowering relocating spouses to navigate the adventure that relocation is by providing avenues to connect, learn and grow.
Connect with new friends, learn new skills, and grow your network.

What's in a name?

Why Pistachio?

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Relocation opens us to the power of possibilities, just like the part open shell of the Pistachio.
We Are Pistachio icons Happy


Relocating spouses deserve happiness especially as they move. In fact, Pistachio is known as the happy nut in China!
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Relocating spouses are global citizens, just like pistachios which are enjoyed all over the world.
We Are Pistachio icons Tough


Relocation is tough, but relocating spouses are tougher. Just like the hard shell that encloses the pistachio.
We Are Pistachio icons Nutty


It takes a certain nuttiness to uproot oneself and move to a different place. Relocating spouses are a bit nutty!
Aditi Patil
Founder & Chief Relocating Spouse
Executive Coach, Author, Leadership facilitator, Relocating Spouse, Mom- Of the many roles she plays, no role has defined her more than that of a relocating spouse.
Aditi Patil has been a relocating spouse for as long as she remembers. Her journey has taken her from India to Malaysia, Singapore, and finally the US. Each time, she struggled with loneliness, finding a job, and managing her family’s transition. Along the way, she met many like-minded women who were going through something similar. Out of this experience, We are Pistachio was born. She is an author and an Internationally certified executive coach, and has coached numerous women through relocation and transition. Learn more about her background here.

Dear future Pistachio member,

I’ve been where you are. Relocating with my bags packed, kids in tow, while my husband got amazing career opportunities. I struggled along the way as I moved from India to Malaysia, Singapore, Wisconsin and now Seattle. On one hand, I was helping my family transition. On the other, I was managing my career ambitions and my own emotional needs. Each time I moved, I also grappled with loneliness and a feeling of being uprooted.

What helped me along the way, was finding a group of women who supported me and each other. I have also coached many relocating spouses, and heard from them for the need for a community of relocating spouses that they can lean on.

That is why along with some dynamic relocating spouses who want to help others, we have created “We are Pistachio”- an exclusive membership community.

Our vision is to create a world where relocating spouses are empowered and supported to thrive in the adventure of relocation. I hope you will join us in making this vision a reality.

We are Pistachio is built by relocating spouses who deeply understand the challenges of relocation. Our team of mentors and partners is here to support you, but ultimately this community is nothing without YOU.

That’s why I hope you will join us to connect, learn and grow. 

Your community awaits you.

Aditi Patil
Founder & Chief Relocating Spouse.

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Meet Your Pistachio Mentors

Saskia Houwing

Personal & Professional Development Coach

# of Relocations: 3

Country of Origin: The Netherlands

Mentoring specialties: Coaching, Mentoring, Career Transition, Starting over

Having clients connect with what they want, seeing what gets in the way, and finding ways to move forward to experience life with more joy and ease is what drives me. With my first international relocation to Singapore in 2009 I reinvented my career, as well as created more time for volunteer work. I volunteered with TEDx in the Netherlands and currently volunteer with TEDx in Seattle. I also started up a new team to create TEDx Youth in Seattle for youth to share their Ideas Worth Spreading. I am a certified personal and professional development coach. My abundance of life experience from around the world, zest for life, energy, and positivity keep me committed to quieting our negative inner voices and reminding us that we are all inherently valuable. If travelling and starting over has taught me anything, it’s that life is a spectacular adventure replete with unimaginable possibilities. What if you could recognize and harness those possibilities to transform … well … anything? Together, we can.

Lavanya Sankar

Business Analyst

# of Relocations: 6

Country of Origin: India

Mentoring specialties: Data, Reporting, Analytics, Marketing, Leadership, Management Practices, Agile Methodologies, Tableau

Ever since I was a little kid, solving a problem has been my passion. Whether it’s through analyzing data or understanding the best management practices or learning new technologies, I do what it takes to get the job done. I spent 8 years analyzing data from different systems across industries such as marketing, automobile, consulting to understand metrics and trends. Apart from solving challenges, I spend time reading, hosting parties or working out I have continued growing my career with every relocation, and I am looking forward to share my experiences with the community.

Ruchika Behal

Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

# of Relocations: 8

Country of Origin: India

Mentoring specialties: Career Transition, Transition, Food and Lifestyle, Health, raising global nomads, finding purpose as trailing spouse

I am the founder of “Nourish your life”, which is not only the name of my practice but also my mantra. I support individuals who are ready to change their food and lifestyle to end their struggle with unmanaged weight, poor digestion, lack of energy and other chronic health conditions. My techniques are free of deprivation, or calorie counting. My intention is to empower others to make food and lifestyle choices that best support their unique body and are sustainable in the long run. When it comes to food… she believes “healthy has to be delicious”. I spent the first 23 years in India growing and learning, and then the next 14 years travelling around the globe as a trailing spouse, learning and growing, more. For the last 8 years Houston has been home for me. While this nomadic lifestyle has been challenging – embracing frequent relocations, unfamiliar languages and cultures, and geographically spread friendships- the experience has been immensely enriching has a taught me to “Bloom where planted”.

Alejandra Guardado

Design Professional

# of Relocations: 3

Country of Origin: Mexico

Mentoring specialties: Career Transition, Interior Design.

I am a Mexican woman passionate about travel, food and design. I was born and raised in Mexico, I am the oldest of three. My family and culture have shaped me and my experiences and friendships have complemented the way I see the world and the way I live my life. I am grateful every day for the opportunities I have been granted and all the experiences I’ve had in my life. Relocation has given me the chance to see other places so different from the one I come from. I love tea, a good book and practicing yoga. I believe in self-discipline and working hard to achieve goals. I also believe in giving back and am committed to help others along the way.

Monica Khanna

Human Resources Professional

# of Relocations: 3

Country of Origin: India

Mentoring specialties: University/Campus Strategy & Recruiting, Training Development & Implementation, Coaching & Development, Empathy and Relationship Building.

I am a passionate, resourceful and strategic Recruiter who believes her Super power is to Empower. As a University Recruiter at Microsoft I focus on sourcing and hiring top engineering talent from across the US and Canada. The most exciting part of my job is connecting technical professionals with exceptional career opportunities that align with their aspirations. My role has provided an opportunity to work with some of the brightest minds in the tech industry and inspire students to realize their dreams. With epic levels of enthusiasm and a data driven analytical approach I’ve navigated ambiguous situations to find solutions both in my professional and personal life. I have a master’s degree in human resources and 16 years of experience with global firms as a HR Business Partner and Full cycle Recruiter. Having experienced several domestic and one international relocation, I believe the skills I’ve learnt to feel settled and succeed at my goals are essential to any relocating spouse. In spite of a positive mindset and strategic approach, sometimes it takes an extra nudge and support of your tribe to get you closer to your dream job. My experience could be that nudge which I hope to share as a Pistachio mentor and be inspired in the journey.

Sheena Trivedi

Human Resources Professional

# of Relocations: 3

Country of Origin: India

Mentoring specialties: Interviewing and Job search, Human Resources Careers, Career Development & Planning.

I moved to Seattle from Bangalore 2.5 years back as a relocating spouse and have had a first-hand experience with navigating my career in a completely different country or location. I also spent the formative years of my life at various places in India due to transferable job of my parents and then later to pursue higher education. I have over 6 years of experience in HR and Tech and I am currently working as an HR business Partner at GoDaddy. My interests include reading and singing. In my free time, I also enjoy spending time with my 3-year-old and listening to her stories. I am excited to be a pistachio member and look forward to sharing my experience and learnings with this community.

Deepali Paul

Project Management Professional & Entrepreneur

# of Relocations: 1

Country of Origin: India

Mentoring specialties: Interior design, PMP, Project Management, Start-ups

I am a serial entrepreneur with a go-getter attitude from a very diverse and rich background. I started my career in Hotel Management and then moved to interior design. After successfully running an interior design business for 14 years, I co-founded KelpHR, a leading company in the Anti-sexual harassment training space in India. I built the KelpHR brand from inception to it being recognized as a thought leader in a red ocean space. I see myself as a blend of passion and creativity and am obsessed about seeing women succeed in the workplace. Moving to Seattle as a trailing spouse was not as smooth as I had anticipated. Out of depth and network for the first time in my life, I actively used social media to reach out to people, communities and groups to create a world of my own in this alien land. In the meanwhile, I got my PMP certification in an effort to steer my career in a different direction. I bring in my entrepreneurial spirit, a broad perspective and agility to We Are Pistachio, and look forward to helping others as they embark on their own journey.

Alice Kalis

Professional Photographer

# of Relocations: 1

Country of Origin: The Netherlands

Mentoring specialties: Photography, Website Design & Social Media

Born and raised in the Netherlands, I moved to Seattle with my husband, 2 sons and cat Bailey Bob in July 2014. What a joy to live in the Pacific Northwest. I have been volunteering with Bellevue Lifespring for more than five years. It was an honour to be part of their creative team.

I am a photographer and web designer at Pink Pepper Content who empowers female entrepreneurs to build a brand and market it on social media. Starting a new business can be a daunting exercise. That’s why I want to help aspiring entrepreneurs grow their business with an amazing website and feed them with tips and tricks to guide them through the social media jungle. Let’s make this experience fun and informative. Are you ready to shine in this online world?

With years of experience working for small businesses and understanding the needs and struggles it brings I can honestly say “I got you”. Please reach out if you have any questions. I look forward to meeting you!

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