is built by relocating spouses for each other

Our Story

We are Pistachio was born out of rejection & re-direction of two relocating spouses.
Aditi was no stranger to relocation. Having relocated across 4 countries in 5 years, she found herself alone each time. She decided that someone had to solve the problem. Her mantra became, “If it is to be, it is up to me!”
At the same time, Deepali – an entrepreneur – was facing the same problems as she relocated to the US from India. From being a job-creator to a job-seeker, facing rejection was tough. Her mantra became, “If you see a problem, go solve it.”
Serendipity bought these women together. Over a cup of coffee, they realized that the journey of relocating spouses is an adventure, and yet these women are left alone to navigate that.
In Jan 2020, We Are Pistachio was born out of a deeply personal problem that Aditi & Deepali wanted to solve not just for themselves, but for all relocating spouses all over the world.

Aditi and Deepali at the first Pistachio event in Jan 2020

Our mission is to unlock the personal, professional and economic potential of every relocating spouse.

Why Pistachio?

Relocating Spouses are just like Pistachio



Relocation opens us to the power of new possibilities we can not resist to explore - just like the part open shell of Pistachio.



When we re-discover ourselves after the move experience divine happiness. Fun fact : Pistachio is called the happy nut in China!



We leave our tiny footprints all the places we live and call home - just like pistachios that leave the shell behind.



Relocation is tough, but we - the relocating spouses - are tougher. We are the shell and the pistachio both!



It takes nuttiness to uproot oneself and move to a different place. We sure are nutty!

Pistachio Founders

Aditi Patil, Founder

Aditi is a tough pistachio. How many people do you know who have lived in 3 countries in a single year and thrived through each one of those relocations? Told ya she is tough!
Most likely to say – Stay authentic to yourself!
On the weekends you will find her – Sipping her wine and reading a book
Keeps Pistachio in check by – Being intentional about everything we do

Deepali Paul, Co-Founder

Deepali is a nutty pistachio. She has changed her career thrice! Her superpower is that she can juggle many things at once! Entrepreneur, Interior Designer, Project Manager – the list goes on!
Most likely to say – Let’s pause and consider our options
On the weekends you will find her – Practicing singing at home
Keeps Pistachio in check by– Keeping the team grounded and humble. 

Our Promise

no relocating spouse is ever alone

Our Coaches

All coaches are mid-career professionals with diverse backgrounds. They use a wide range of tools and assessments including 360 reviews and Myers-Briggs.

Aditi Patil

ICF Certified Coach, ACC

Leadership Development
Career Coaching

Saskia Houwing

ICF(ACC) & EMCC Certified Coach

Cross-Cultural Coaching
Team Coaching
Executive Coaching

Yolanda Owens

Career & Transition Coach

Resume, LinkedIn
Job Search skills

Jennifer Kumar

Cultural Assimilation Coach

Cultural Coaching
Communication & Soft-skills expert

Ruchika Behal

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Mental & Physical
Transition Coaching

Our certified coaches will help you find your next move, restrategize and accelerate your career plan.

Our Team

Pratitee Shah


Our design Unicorn who advocates for a powerful & seamless user experience. She volunteers for We Are Pistachio because she believes there is power in blooming together.

Priyanka Jain

Software Ninjaneer

Is the quiet ninja behind the website and is a true example of exhibiting learning agility. She volunteers for Pistachio to upskill and contribute to the community.

Isha Tarte

Social Media & Event Wizard

Is our energizer bunny Social Media manager & creator of Instagram worthy content. She volunteers for We Are Pistachio to get her daily dose of happiness & confidence.

Come and be part of the Pistachio volunteer team.
You will get a chance learn and apply new skills. You will also get an opportunity to connect with amazing relocating spouses and grow your network.

We Are Pistachio is intentional about giving back to the community

We organized the Pistachio Happiness Food Drive in December 2020 since happiness is one of our core values. We galvanized our community to collect food for the Sophia Way homeless shelter.

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