No Relocating Spouse Is Ever Alone

The Pistachio community offers personal and professional support to all relocating spouses.



Our members are from all across the

globe with diverse experience

and expertise


Origin countries

There is a high probability that you may

find someone from your home

country to  network with



Pistachio events are about upskilling,

mentoring & personal well-being

to support your holistic needs



Our mentors are relocated spouses who’ve

walked this path and emerged successfully

on the other side

Why Be A Pistachio?

Why Be A Pistachio?

Member Perks

Being a pistachio will help you open up to new possibilities, rediscover the nuttiness in you and make you happy no matter where you are on the globe. You will get all of these perks and much more.

Community to share your wins and struggles

Priority access to Pistachio events and workshops

Access to Job Postings on Pistachio Group

Weekly tips on Career and Well-being

We believe you can do it, do you?

Our certified coaches will help you find your next move, restrategize and accelerate your career plan. We also know that success in career depends on personal well-being — hence the Pistachio coach panel has experts on cultural assimilation, health and mental fitness.

We Are Pistachio is global community built by relocating spouses to help each other to upskill, network and grow.

We understand the challenges that come with relocation and job hunt. We provide upskilling events, career pods, e-learning and other opportunities to learn from Pistachio experts, mentors, and members. 

Use our offerings to upskill yourself


We understand the importance of professional networking in job hunt – hence we offer a safe space to connect and share your ideas, challenges and wins.
We help you connect with like-minded women who’ve been where you are right now.
Not only will you grow your network, you’ll discover new friendships along the way.

We all need a leg-up, especially in a new place. 

Pistachio founders and mentors are always here to help you shine through your professional and personal journey.

Whether you need group support or individual hand-holding, we’ve got you covered!



Need 1:1 coaching to succeed?

We’ve got you covered. We Are Pistachio offers 1:1 sessions for every aspect of your personal and professional journey. What’s more? We even customize and tailor it to your needs.

Career Assessment

One 45min Session $150

You will take the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) assessment to help you identify job families and occupations that are a good fit for your reported MBTI type. Along with this report, you will receive coaching from a Certified MBTI practitioner.

To schedule your career assessment connect with us >

Career Coaching

First 60min Session $199

Every Additional 60min Session $129
Get unstuck, gain clarity on your career goals, and create a career plan.

To schedule career coaching for you connect with us >

Resume Review

One 45min + One 30min Session $199

Includes a 45-minute resume review session, to discuss revisions to current resume and a 30- minute session to review the updated resume

To schedule your resume review connect with us >

Job Search Strategy

One 60min Session $199

This session will focus on navigating the current employment market and answering questions on marketing yourself to potential employers.

To schedule a job search strategy for you connect with us >

Pistachio Community Says

Aida Rysbek

Pistachio Member

We are united by our relocating experience and the struggle that comes with it. This is your community- a place to grow and thrive.

Country of Origin - Turkey

Lavanya Sankar

Pistachio Mentor

I am so incredibly grateful to be a mentor to this amazing group of relocating spouses and help women navigate this relocation adventure.

Country of Origin - India

Jola Paliswait

Pistachio Mentee

The Pistachio Career Pod was truly an amazing experience! It gave me tools & confidence to apply for jobs that I really want, not just “any jobs”.

Country of Origin - Poland



A global community of relocating spouses committed to help each other connect, learn and grow

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